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Baby Love!

From 'school' to real-life, some people come into your life and just stay there. This is definitely the case for this special mommy-to-be! Danielle and I met at BellyMotions. It was love at first "shimmy". We would always partner up together and practice for hours, to make sure we both excelled. We shared heartbreaks and memory-filled weekends (some of those pictures will never see the light of day!).

One day, I get a phone call, from Danielle, and she tells me to look at the text she just sent me. I was in immediate shock and then overwhelmed, with joy!

Immediately, we got to researching themes and we knew it, from the moment we saw it...'Baby Love'. The mommy-to-be chose the primary colors of purple and green. We came up with the design and contracted local printers to print our idea - invites, RSVP cards, "wish" cards, games and thank you cards. The 'baby love' theme really came to life with the cake and dessert station. The venue also lent itself to the 'love' - we chose "Crazy About You" to host the afternoon lunch.

Thank you, Suna Photography and Flowers International, for lending your talents. Everyone's participation helped create a memorable event for everyone.

(As a side note, Danielle and Gil welcomed Gia a few months after. She is absolutely beautiful and looks like a doll. We were honored to help create her 1st birthday celebration and we just got news that Danielle and Gil are expecting baby #2 later this year!)

Candy Station - Sweetie's Wholesale Candy

Photography - Suna Photography

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